Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tha amazing Dylan

Last but not least, meet Dylan in our final artist showcase for our campaign with Putting Downs First. You still have until midnight ET to purchase a Paper Clouds Apparel product and help this fantastic cause in spreading awareness for those with Down syndrome.

(Dylan looking very handsome)

Hi my name is Dylan, I am a very energetic six year old
boy. I enjoy all kinds of animals. When I grow up I want be Old
McDonald. I just joined Cub Scouts this year. My favorite thing to do is
wrestle with my older brother. I always win.

(Support this amazing smile)

(Dylan's art on out infant tee)

Friday, September 27, 2013

We LOVE Ella Grace !!!

We just had to show some love and send a FREE Paper Clouds Apparel shirt to this little angel named Ella Grace. Here are some of the interactions I had with her wonderful mother Rachel when we have had our shirt giveaway contests :)

Hi there!!! I saw that you have given away a few of your PCA shirts, that is just wonderful!!! I am waiting for some money to "free" up so that I can purchase one for my almost 4 year old daughter with Down Syndrome!!! I am just writing to tell you, that you are an inspiration and a wonderful soul!!! As soon as we are able my baby will be rocking one of these shirts here is a pic of my precious girl!!!

 (Beautiful Ella Grace)

 She is beautiful ! We hope that when she starts creating art that she will have her creations on a future shirt 

 We would absolutely LOVE that!!!! I'll be in touch, like I said she WILL have one of those shirts one day!!

Then when we had our next giveaway contest I received this message:

 Hi I would love a shirt XXL!!! My 4 year old daughter has Down syndrome and I have been in contact w you about wanting a shirt for her and myself as soon as financially possible. I would live to be able to support your orginazation, and your cause!!! I think what you do is wonderful, and weather I win a shirt or not my daughter and I will both have shirts some day!!! God Bless you all!!!!
This is my baby Ella Grace 4 getting ready for her first dance class

(Ella Grace in her dance attire)

I am going to look through our kids sizes and see if we have anything here that will fit your angel. What size does she wear ?

 Aww thank you soo much, she wears like a 4 or 5T, which I think is prob like a small!!! She would be so excited and love it!!! She is going to be very happy!!! Her birthday is coming up on Oct 17 th so thank you for the early bday present!! Much love to you

Then we received this message after Ella Grace received her package in the mail;

 We received the shirt and Ella Grace loves it !!! She collects elephants so this shirt is perfect!!! Thank you so much again!!!
Ella Grace!!!

 (Ella Grace rockin' her PCA shirt)

This is why I LOVE every single one of you who follow us on social media and support what we are doing to help those with special needs. The smile on Ella Grace gives us all the motivation we need at Paper Clouds Apparel to continue working hard to grow this business and help millions with special needs. Thank you so much to all of you who are helping spread our mission to the world- Robert

Thursday, September 26, 2013

You are awesome Troy :)

We love introducing and highlighting our amazing artists with special needs that create the fantastic art we feature on our shirts, bags and hats. So we want everyone to meet and show some love to Troy who created the piece we are calling "Stretch"

(Troy enjoying a baseball game)

Troy is 19 yrs old. Troy loves school, room 21 this year, he is beginning the countdown to graduation & is very excited about being part of the class of 2016. He loves amusement parks.... especially the roller coasters!! Troy likes hanging out with his friends, playing video games, listening to music, and dancing. He is a drummer with the Fairhaven Drum Circle.

 (Troy with Big Time Rush)

(Troy's art "Stretch" on our shirt)

 He got his wish granted over the summer thanks to Gifts from the Heart for Downs to meet his favorite band the Big Time Rush !! Troy also competes as an athlete in the Special Olympics in track, bowling, basketball, & baseball.

 (Troy before a basketball game)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Congratulations Kimberly !!!

This is the first featured story on one of the individuals we chose to give a free shirt to. Everyone meet Kimberly and hear her story;

I would love to win the xxl shirt. I've been involved in the special needs community since I was super little. My mom is a special needs teacher so to me when I was growing up I learned these were kids like me who sometimes happened to have something unique that made them special. I never saw them as different than me. Now as I've grown up I've made it my mission to expand upon what my mom has taught me. As of 9/6/13 I completed an internship working with boys who were placed in residential treatment due to delinquency and mental health issues. I've now obtained my masters of professional counseling and I have an interview with the Wisconsin department of vocational rehabilitation next week to help adults with special needs obtain employment. I also continue to volunteer at the place I had an internship with because of the relationship I've built with the boys. I can't wait to what amazing things I have to offer the people I will help in the future. Have a great day

Then when we notified her that she was receiving a shirt she responded with this;

 OMG!!!!!! Pretty sure you just made my day. I will totally send you a pic and I have no problems with you sharing my story. I promise to totally share it with everyone I know

Upon receiving her shirt she sent back this picture and short thank you;

 l keep your fingers crossed I have my interview with the dept of vocational rehabilitation on Thursday.
Have a great day

We will send positive vibes and prayers your way on thursday :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meet Donnie & Emma

I am going to have to warn you because you are about to meet the two most adorable twins you have ever laid your eyes upon !! Please show some love to Donnie and Emma 

(Emma and Donnie are always together)

The twins are seven years old and when asked to tell a little about himself, this is what Donnie said;

 I love Sesame Street. I enjoy going places. I love to play outside. so so much fun at playgrounds, beaches, splashing and swimming are fun! I love to  jump on the trampoline best.

 (Donnie near a lake by his home)

 (The adorable onesie featuring Donnie's art)

When asked what she likes, Emma had this to say,

 I like to watch my Shows! Curious George, and Caillou. I love to play outside and go to the library. I like to go get ice cream, chocolate ice cream is my favorite! I love animals.

 (Emma has a contagious smile)

 (Emma's art, which she says are her and Donnie)

Please show some support and love to these adorable twins who are truly best buddies ! Help support the organization that supports them, Putting Downs First by making a purchase at where 50% goes to this great cause.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hat's off to the Newman family !!

We recently had a hat giveaway contest and after reading this message I knew exactly where to send the Orange Paper Clouds Apparel Logo hat :)

This is the message I received from Wendy;

 Hi! A few reasons I should win the hat
1. My husband has a big head, so it would fit. LOL 2. This is the only style he likes.
3. Our son has autism and became verbal about 9 months ago ( he is 6) and we couldn't be more proud of him, he honestly is the most loving, wonderful boy! 4. We try to support/share /donate all we can to amazing places like yours Even if I don't win, I just really wanted to tell you that what you do for people with special needs and their families gives me hope for what my son will be able to accomplish in adulthood.

When I told Wendy that she had won the hat, here is her response;

No way! Awesome! Thank you! People and places (like Paper Clouds Apparel) constantly remind me that there are GREAT things out there and to never stop fighting for my son and others with special needs! Again, you guys amaze me and THANK YOU!

After receiving the hat Wendy then sent me this message and picture;

We got the hat! My husbands words "whoa, this hat fits perfectly. That never happens!!" So we LOVE it! Thank you again. He will be wearing it proudly, and spreading the word!

The hat definitely found a happy home ! We truly love every single one of you that share your stories with us. Thank you so much for your help in making this world a better place for those with special needs. Have so much love in my heart for you all- Robert Thornton, Founder, Paper Clouds Apparel

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meet Coby!

Coby was born November 12, 2012, at 11:00 AM... with a little something extra! He is almost 10 months old! 

He loves his Sophie Giraffe, he loves to give kisses, and he loves to hug his Mommy and stroke her hair! 

He likes to rock and his magic make-me-stop-crying-instantly song is "You Are My Sunshine."

For this campaign, Coby "stepped up" to help create the butterfeet design that you can see on our t-shirts and totes! Go check out this cutie's artwork today!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Introducing....... NOAH!

Noah is 14 years old, in the 7th grade and mainstreamed at Middletown Middle School.  

He has a love of art and drawing, which runs in the family with his mom and sisters.  He also spends his free time practicing his swing in baseball so he can keep his position as the "big hitter" on the Challenger Baseball team. His favorite baseball team is the Orioles. 

He loves to play his Playstation and Xbox and has yet to find anyone who can beat him at any game!  

Noah also loves helping others and hopes to someday work helping the EMT's at the local ambulance/fire station in Middletown.

Noah was a HUGE contributor to this campaign... giving Paper Clouds Apparel FOUR designs that are now being showcased on shirts, hats, and totes!

Head over to now to get one of Noah's designs for yourself!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meet Justin!

Justin is 31 years old and he works in a supported work program at a wood shop.  He is very proud that he can use many of the power tools and is a very hard worker.  

Justin enjoys daily exercising with DVDs:  lifting weights, yoga, and stretching.  He loves music, and has a special time every day for singing along with Big Time Rush, his favorite group.  He also loves dancing with The Fresh Beat Band.  

He loves pizza and Mexican food, especially when he can hear the mariachis!!!  

He has 2 cats and a dog.

Justin loves to help others!  He once donated an entire paycheck to the Red Cross when he heard that children were suffering from a flood!


He also loves to get his picture taken. Recently, he participated in a photo shoot for calendars with Firefighters vs. Autism, a non-profit that helps to raise money for awareness of autism.  

He is very excited to be a future volunteer with another local non-profit, Children's Art Gallery.

Justin is the designer behind our current whale design... check out this awesome guy's artwork on a t-shirt today!

Monday, September 2, 2013

The International Down Syndrome Coalition

From September 2 through September 16, Paper Clouds Apparel is happy to announce collaboration with the International Down Syndrome Coalition!

The IDSC is an amazing organization dedicated to promoting the dignity and respect for all individuals with Down syndrome. With worldwide representation, they work to celebrate and enhance the lives of those with Down syndrome. They also strive to guarantee accurate and fair representation in cases of prenatal diagnosis. 

The goal of this line is to help raise money to fund more of the IDSC's billboards, which inspire awareness and acceptance for those with Down syndrome.

Head over to for the next two weeks to check out the awesome shirts, hats, and tote bags available to help you support this amazing organization!