Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meet Donnie & Emma

I am going to have to warn you because you are about to meet the two most adorable twins you have ever laid your eyes upon !! Please show some love to Donnie and Emma 

(Emma and Donnie are always together)

The twins are seven years old and when asked to tell a little about himself, this is what Donnie said;

 I love Sesame Street. I enjoy going places. I love to play outside. so so much fun at playgrounds, beaches, splashing and swimming are fun! I love to  jump on the trampoline best.

 (Donnie near a lake by his home)

 (The adorable onesie featuring Donnie's art)

When asked what she likes, Emma had this to say,

 I like to watch my Shows! Curious George, and Caillou. I love to play outside and go to the library. I like to go get ice cream, chocolate ice cream is my favorite! I love animals.

 (Emma has a contagious smile)

 (Emma's art, which she says are her and Donnie)

Please show some support and love to these adorable twins who are truly best buddies ! Help support the organization that supports them, Putting Downs First by making a purchase at www.papercloudsapparel.com where 50% goes to this great cause.

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