Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hat's off to the Newman family !!

We recently had a hat giveaway contest and after reading this message I knew exactly where to send the Orange Paper Clouds Apparel Logo hat :)

This is the message I received from Wendy;

 Hi! A few reasons I should win the hat
1. My husband has a big head, so it would fit. LOL 2. This is the only style he likes.
3. Our son has autism and became verbal about 9 months ago ( he is 6) and we couldn't be more proud of him, he honestly is the most loving, wonderful boy! 4. We try to support/share /donate all we can to amazing places like yours Even if I don't win, I just really wanted to tell you that what you do for people with special needs and their families gives me hope for what my son will be able to accomplish in adulthood.

When I told Wendy that she had won the hat, here is her response;

No way! Awesome! Thank you! People and places (like Paper Clouds Apparel) constantly remind me that there are GREAT things out there and to never stop fighting for my son and others with special needs! Again, you guys amaze me and THANK YOU!

After receiving the hat Wendy then sent me this message and picture;

We got the hat! My husbands words "whoa, this hat fits perfectly. That never happens!!" So we LOVE it! Thank you again. He will be wearing it proudly, and spreading the word!

The hat definitely found a happy home ! We truly love every single one of you that share your stories with us. Thank you so much for your help in making this world a better place for those with special needs. Have so much love in my heart for you all- Robert Thornton, Founder, Paper Clouds Apparel

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