Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Congratulations Kimberly !!!

This is the first featured story on one of the individuals we chose to give a free shirt to. Everyone meet Kimberly and hear her story;

I would love to win the xxl shirt. I've been involved in the special needs community since I was super little. My mom is a special needs teacher so to me when I was growing up I learned these were kids like me who sometimes happened to have something unique that made them special. I never saw them as different than me. Now as I've grown up I've made it my mission to expand upon what my mom has taught me. As of 9/6/13 I completed an internship working with boys who were placed in residential treatment due to delinquency and mental health issues. I've now obtained my masters of professional counseling and I have an interview with the Wisconsin department of vocational rehabilitation next week to help adults with special needs obtain employment. I also continue to volunteer at the place I had an internship with because of the relationship I've built with the boys. I can't wait to what amazing things I have to offer the people I will help in the future. Have a great day

Then when we notified her that she was receiving a shirt she responded with this;

 OMG!!!!!! Pretty sure you just made my day. I will totally send you a pic and I have no problems with you sharing my story. I promise to totally share it with everyone I know

Upon receiving her shirt she sent back this picture and short thank you;

 l keep your fingers crossed I have my interview with the dept of vocational rehabilitation on Thursday.
Have a great day

We will send positive vibes and prayers your way on thursday :)

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  1. Congratulations on the shirt, Kimberly! Good luck with your interview. Thank you for your dedication to working with boys in need, you will make the world a better place and touch many lives! :)