Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meet Justin!

Justin is 31 years old and he works in a supported work program at a wood shop.  He is very proud that he can use many of the power tools and is a very hard worker.  

Justin enjoys daily exercising with DVDs:  lifting weights, yoga, and stretching.  He loves music, and has a special time every day for singing along with Big Time Rush, his favorite group.  He also loves dancing with The Fresh Beat Band.  

He loves pizza and Mexican food, especially when he can hear the mariachis!!!  

He has 2 cats and a dog.

Justin loves to help others!  He once donated an entire paycheck to the Red Cross when he heard that children were suffering from a flood!


He also loves to get his picture taken. Recently, he participated in a photo shoot for calendars with Firefighters vs. Autism, a non-profit that helps to raise money for awareness of autism.  

He is very excited to be a future volunteer with another local non-profit, Children's Art Gallery.

Justin is the designer behind our current whale design... check out this awesome guy's artwork on a t-shirt today!

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