Friday, September 27, 2013

We LOVE Ella Grace !!!

We just had to show some love and send a FREE Paper Clouds Apparel shirt to this little angel named Ella Grace. Here are some of the interactions I had with her wonderful mother Rachel when we have had our shirt giveaway contests :)

Hi there!!! I saw that you have given away a few of your PCA shirts, that is just wonderful!!! I am waiting for some money to "free" up so that I can purchase one for my almost 4 year old daughter with Down Syndrome!!! I am just writing to tell you, that you are an inspiration and a wonderful soul!!! As soon as we are able my baby will be rocking one of these shirts here is a pic of my precious girl!!!

 (Beautiful Ella Grace)

 She is beautiful ! We hope that when she starts creating art that she will have her creations on a future shirt 

 We would absolutely LOVE that!!!! I'll be in touch, like I said she WILL have one of those shirts one day!!

Then when we had our next giveaway contest I received this message:

 Hi I would love a shirt XXL!!! My 4 year old daughter has Down syndrome and I have been in contact w you about wanting a shirt for her and myself as soon as financially possible. I would live to be able to support your orginazation, and your cause!!! I think what you do is wonderful, and weather I win a shirt or not my daughter and I will both have shirts some day!!! God Bless you all!!!!
This is my baby Ella Grace 4 getting ready for her first dance class

(Ella Grace in her dance attire)

I am going to look through our kids sizes and see if we have anything here that will fit your angel. What size does she wear ?

 Aww thank you soo much, she wears like a 4 or 5T, which I think is prob like a small!!! She would be so excited and love it!!! She is going to be very happy!!! Her birthday is coming up on Oct 17 th so thank you for the early bday present!! Much love to you

Then we received this message after Ella Grace received her package in the mail;

 We received the shirt and Ella Grace loves it !!! She collects elephants so this shirt is perfect!!! Thank you so much again!!!
Ella Grace!!!

 (Ella Grace rockin' her PCA shirt)

This is why I LOVE every single one of you who follow us on social media and support what we are doing to help those with special needs. The smile on Ella Grace gives us all the motivation we need at Paper Clouds Apparel to continue working hard to grow this business and help millions with special needs. Thank you so much to all of you who are helping spread our mission to the world- Robert

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