Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tale of Two Brothers

Earlier this year I was contacted by a woman named Sarah who was trying to raise the money needed to get the service dog her young boy with autism needed. I loved her story of her two sons, both with special needs, who brighten up her life. I just had to help and so they are part of our Triple the Fun campaign. Here is their story and hope you will pick up one of our Robot products and help this amazing family. Sarah wrote the following about her two boys;

(The Robot Ian drew to help out his brother Connor)

 Ian, now 8, was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of four.  Conner, now 4 1/2 was officially diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder a year ago.  Both have had and are continuing their share of struggles, but are wonderful boys.  Ian has struggled with social situations, managing his emotions and extreme anxiety.  Despite his struggles he is an amazing and creative individual who gives so much of himself to help his brother, Conner.  Ian was overjoyed to have the opportunity to create some artwork that would help raise funds for Conner’s Autism Service Dog. 

(Ian and Connor goofing off)

Conner is still struggling with speech, communication, safety issues, wandering, running away, crowded places, loud noises, transitioning, feeding, social issues and anxiety.  As you can see this world can be a very scary place for Conner.  But he finds comfort and happiness when he is around animals, especially dogs.  When Conner is around dogs he lights up and his whole body is filled with happiness.  His challenges are minimized and he opens up and brings you into his little world.  An autism service dog, as his constant companion will help him be safer when out in public, give him comfort and help him transition from one activity to another without so much anxiety.  Essentially the service dog will make this world easier and safer for Conner to live in.

(Connor out Christmas tree hunting)

 With all of the struggles that our family has endured, Conner and Ian have developed patience, empathy and pure love for those around them and especially each other.  Despite their day to day struggles and stresses, Conner and Ian show us every day just how wonderful they are and make us feel special.  

(One of our Robot products helping Connor)

All of us at Paper Clouds Apparel really hope you will help get Connor the dog he desperately needs and get yourself a fun shirt, bag, or hat in the process. Make your clothing matter ! Thank you

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