Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Garrison the Great :)

Paper Clouds Apparel is a very small operation. So small that when our workers with special needs have finished folding and packaging the shirts, it is the job of myself, Robert Thornton, Founder and CEO, to write out the handwritten personalized thank you letters, weigh, stamp and ship out each order. Doing this I began to notice some familiar names. One name came up with an order from every campaign, Heather Massey Hopkins ! So I reached out to Heather to let her know how special and important she was to us, and she let me know how important WE are to her !!! Getting to know her and her path in this life I got to know about her amazing son Garrison who has autism. When I decided to do a campaign featuring three smaller causes I knew I had to include Garrison and his Special Olympics cause, The Alliance All Star's ! I asked Heather to tell me about Garrison and after reading what she wrote you too will love this amazing family and hopefully show them support and pick up one of Garrisons amazing designs.

(Garrison with his Gold Medal)

Garrison is a 6’1” 15 year old boy who is funny, brilliant, kind, loving, protective and incredibly handsome. He also has Autism.  When Garrison was diagnosed at 4 years old, it was devastating at first. But then, his dad and I decided right then and there, we would never let Autism define who Garrison was, and it never has.  Garrison’s love for animals started from the beginning. He was always drawn to them.  You can ask him any question about any animal that has ever roamed the planet and he will probably be able to tell you anything and everything you want to know about it.  Garrison views people as animals. So much so, that he will give you “your animal” if you ask him. He happens to be a zebra! 
(Jungle Fun created by Garrison)
Garrison is a freshman in high school and he absolutely loves it. He has been blessed with amazing teachers since Kindergarten.  We aren’t quite sure how we got so lucky but we have been blessed with some amazing teachers who have changed all of our lives.  In fact, we are still in touch with almost all of them.  Garrison loves to laugh. He has such a great laugh that brings a smile to everyone who hears it.  He loves to be silly and tickle his mom and sisters.  Since his father passed away 19 months ago, Garrison has truly matured and taken on the role of “man of the house”. I have witnessed him do things I never thought possible.  His love for me and his 3 sisters is such a beautiful thing to witness.  He loves to play the Wii, watch cartoons, watch you tube videos about animals and dinosaurs and he LOVES going to the zoo.  
(Garrison at the Special Olympics with his Gold Medal)
Garrison LOVES his Special Olympics team. Especially his coach Meagan Fulbright.  He plays basketball, bowls, and runs track. He loves it when he wins gold.  When he doesn’t, well we wont talk about that. Garrison has developed so many skills thanks to our coach. He has made some wonderful friends and experienced things that without this program, he may never have had the opportunity.  In Texas, our Special Olympics teams are funded by the school districts.  Our team, the Alliance All-Stars is unique in that we are not. So it is up to the parents and coach to pay for everything or fundraise as much as we can! So thank you Paper Clouds Apparel for helping out a team that most desperately needs it to keep going!
Garrison is the most amazing son I could have asked for. What an incredible joy he brings to our lives every single day. I wouldn’t change one thing about him.

(Heather and her amazing son Garrison)

After reading that you can feel the love in this family and we at Paper Clouds Apparel all feel honored that the Hopkins family is a part of the Paper Clouds Apparel family. We love you :)

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