Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My newest hero Bronson !!!

I was contacted a couple months ago by a woman named Shannon who was curious about how we find our artists with special needs and I explained to her that most come directly from the organization we have teamed up with but a few come to us with their art and we then ask them if their is a special needs cause they have a connection with and they would like to help raise funding for. Shannon sent me scans of art her son Bronson created and when she mentioned helping the Golden Heart Ranch, I did a little research on them and fell in love with what they do. The Golden Heart Ranch provides a safe, living and working environment for adults with special needs. Hope you will support this amazing ranch by purchasing one of the super cool Dino Chase designs created by Bronson.

(The amazing Bronson)

Bronson is 10 years old, he was diagnosed with Autism when he was just 2.  A strategy that worked well was to draw him a list of what was going to happen.  He took our simple stick pictures are turned them into a way to communicate to us. 

 (The amazing Dino Chase design Bronson created)

 Bronson loves Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror, and all roller coasters! If he’s not riding the roller coasters he is drawing or building them.  Baron is Bronson’s big brother and he is the best big brother around, Bronson really started drawing a lot when he changed schools to attend an Autism ABA Class, he drew a picture of Baron to bring to school with him everyday.  

 (Bronson goofing around)

 Bronson is very active he loves to go camping, ride his quad, play in the ocean and ride the wave runners.   

(Bronson riding his quad)

I hope you loved learning a little about Bronson and hope you will purchase one of his limited edition, wearable pieces of art. Do something amazing today and support a young child with autism and a ranch that gives many adults with special needs a place to thrive. Thank you so much

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