Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The incredibly talented Emma :)

When the team at Paper Clouds Apparel saw the Rose created by Emma we just knew we had to show it to the world. Hope you all love it and will enjoy getting to know more about this talented and special young lady.

(The beautiful Rose created by Emma)

 Emma Knudson is a light hearted spirit, always eager to make people smile.  Her playful personality is complimented alongside her caring character for others, be that friends, family or strangers in need.  Her big heart is a joy to be around.  Emma is also very active with a vast degree of interests including; drawing, photography, putting puzzles together, assembling model cars, and skateboarding.  She has been able to take some of these talents and skills to help make them useful accomplishments within her community.  Emma's presence and eye for shared moments gets captured as she chronicles with her camera many events for an Arizona based young adult nonprofit called, AZASSIST, where young adults on the spectrum gather to socialize, while their parents who are present in another room listen to guests speakers.  Those photos are regularly shared on their facebook site.  She has also taken drawing classes at a nearby college, and is currently taking a photo shop class.

(Emma relaxing)

When Emma isn't busy doing all of these talents, she can be found actively participating in the SEEDs For Autism program, where she learns how to take the skills she is learning from SEEDs and makes functional marketable products.  Currently in the SEEDs program she is really enjoying learning welding, woodworking and sewing.  Her skills have been an asset to not just her, but the program itself, as Emma has proven great leadership skills, and works so well alongside her peers, that she occasionally is asked to be a mentor and helps teach.

(The Rose looks great on our canvas bags)

Emma is truly an inspiration and a joy to be around. Show your support and pick up one of her amazing pieces of art :) Thank you and have a great day !

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