Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chris and his amazing Lion :)

This Lion drawing by a young man with autism named Chris is just so awesome. The Lion looks so happy and friendly and you cannot help but smile when you see it. Well done Chris and keep creating these masterpieces :) 

(Our model Joe looking great in the Lion shirt)

Chris is a funny, caring and loving 17 year old young man with an Autism diagnosis.  He lives with his parents, brother, aunt, grandmother and dog. Chris enjoys drawing, reading, watching Disney movies and eating pizza!  He also likes to visit local zoo's, aquariums and  libraries in his free time.
(Chris out in the woods exploring) 
After graduation this year, Chris will return to The Darnell School. At the Darnell School the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) form the foundation of their programs. They draw upon the best practices within education, special education, behavior analysis, positive behavioral supports, vocational preparation, and community inclusion in planning for each student.
(Chris hanging with Scooby Doo)
They are committed to using evidence-based strategies in our instructional and treatment plans. They are equally committed to the belief that every student they serve is valued and should have an opportunity to achieve the goals he/she desires. Chris has learned so much at the Darnell School, and that is why he chose to have any funds raised by the purchase of his art, donated to it.
 (Chris and his good friend Ben)

Chris, you are an amazing young man and so happy you are at a place like The Darnell School where you can really grow. We hope people will purchase some of your Lion products and help raise some funding for this great school. Keep up the great work and winning at the game of life :)

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