Friday, November 8, 2013

Meet Paul, the inspiration behind SEEDs for Autism :)

Paul Foti began drawing the first time someone put a crayon in his hands.  His love for anything with wheels on it became a source for inspiration, passion and entertainment.  He received his first train set one Christmas, at the age of 5, and instantly it sparked a resource for interest and companionship. 

 (Our tote bag with the awesome Bug Paul drew)

  Self taught, Paul learned quickly how to create magical small worlds with paint, styrofoam, empty paper towel holders, cardboard boxes, and anything else he could find to transform into a city, playground, drive in movie, harbor, airport or factory of some type.  Attention to detail and how to create realistic scenes just came naturally, but also with plenty of research for how to learn new techniques.  Cooking would have to be Paul's close second passion, being in the kitchen cooking breads, and creating interesting culturally themed foods gave Paul much pleasure. 

 (Paul just loved being creative)

 His cats, especially Mary Phyllis held a very special place in Paul's heart.   Always quick with a smile for the camera,  his hardy laughter and contagious smile could make even Scrooge join in.  Always the great teacher, and peacemaker, who was quick to chant, "don't worry, be happy,"  when he sensed frustration or unhappiness from those around him.   This truly great big heart, who thought of everyone else's needs....He made our world a much better place, and is extremely missed, and without a doubt...brought enormous joy and pride to his family.  Mom did a great job!

 (The cool muscle car Paul drew)

So please help SEEDs for Autism continue their amazing work in teaching skills that will help those with autism support themselves for a lifetime ! Thank you 

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