Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meet Caylie!

This is the story submitted by Caylie's mother: 

Not sure how this works, or if it will, but the shirt is not for me, I am asking for my 11-year-old daughter. She is my oldest, and my only girl, also she is NT (Nuro-typical), but my 2 sons (8 and 6) are ASD. She is the greatest big sister. She does so much for them, helps them out at school, helps them at home. She even told a teacher to stop making fun of her brother, "because he is autistic, and cannot help the noises he makes." She is so understanding, even when they get mad at her and pinch or hit her, she calmly tells them to be nice and "we don't hit." I love all my wonderful babies, but sometimes she gets lost in the Frey. OT/ST, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors appointments. I try my best to bring her with, do something special for her, but I don't feel like I do enough for them. And she often asks if we can raise money to help other kids like her brothers. If she got a free shirt, I think she will say I helped someone today. Sounds silly, I know. If I could afford to do more, I would, and if she got this shirt, she will tell everyone, and share. Thank you!

I had to pick Caylie as one of those to receive a free Paper Clouds Apparel shirt. Her mother then sent in the picture above and the following statement:

The one in the middle (with the PCA shirt on), is my daughter Caylie. She is my oldest, the boys beside her are her little brothers, both have ASD. She loves them very much and was so excited to she that this shirt came in the mail for her, along with a little note. She teared up a bit, when she said, "Someday I will help more, more kids like my brothers." She didn't want to take a picture with out them.

WOW! Caylie, you are an amazing young lady and I am proud to have you wearing PCA! You are a role model and so happy to welcome you to the Paper Clouds Apparel family.

-- Robert


  1. Caylie was a past student of mine. She will always have a special place in my heart. She is intelligent, sweet, and has personality plus! Her upbeat attitude is certainly a ray of sunshine for anyone who meets her.
    Mrs. W. :)

  2. (I know perspective is everything...) I really can't imagine anyone making fun of a child, especially at our school where we respect and honor children. Although Caylie's sentiment is so sweet, I have to imagine is was a misinterpretation of events.