Thursday, August 29, 2013

Welcome to the PCA family Yi Li !

Here is another story we received that compelled me to give away a FREE Paper Clouds Apparel shirt:

I would love to win the orange 3-flower shirt for my daughter, Yi Li, who is 2yrs old. We adopted her from China, and she has Down Syndrome. The three flowers represent her 3 copies of Chromosome 21. She could wear it as a dress now and continue to wear it as a shirt as she grows-- continually promoting the awesome things your organization does. 

 (Beautiful Yi Li)

Upon telling Amy, the amazing mother who emailed us, that we were giving Yi Li one of our shirts she amazed me even more with this response

WOW-- Thank you! Our sons (also adopted, also "special needs," are so thrilled that their little sister won this awesome shirt. My oldest (from Ethiopia) said "those flowers are us, mama! One for me, one for Eli and one for Yi Li."
Thank you for all you do-- your organization is amazing!
Then when the shirt arrived I received this message and picture :)
 Yes-- it's wonderful!! Finally was able to get our boys to pose with it and a picture of their little sister, Yi. We hope to have her home around Christmas and can't wait to send a picture of her wearing it as a dress
Thank you again!
(Yi Li's brothers holder her shirt)

WOW ! Could not be happier to have this family now have joined the Paper Clouds Apparel family. Hope you will show them some love :)

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