Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Amazing Reece :)

Last week I decided that I wanted to give away some Paper Clouds Apparel shirts to some people that follow our page and maybe could use a gift to cheer them up, or a reward for just being a fantastic human being. I had planned on giving away three free shirts but after the stories started pouring in, I came to the realization I would have to give away more. I ended up shipping out NINE free shirts !!! After meeting some of these amazing individuals I hope you understand why I felt compelled to hook them up. Also this caused me to realize that I enjoyed hearing these stories and giving away some free shirts. So, EVERY campaign I will be hooking some people up :) 

This is Reece, one of the recipients of a free PCA shirt, and here is the story her mom sent us on why she should receive on of the shirts;

(Reece in her PCA shirt with her younger brother)

"I would love to give one to my daughter. She just started a new junior high school this year. She is very petite, only 5th %...she has overcome so much at school over the years being the littlest one...being that everyone thinks her brother is the older one, when he is 2 years younger than her. She is my princess, no matter her size...she would wear this extra small, extra special shirt, so well!" 

How could I say "no" to this little angel ? So I sent her the Orange Blossom shirt she is wearing in the picture above and here was what her mother had to say upon Reece receiving her package from Paper Clouds Apparel;

(Reece holding her package addressed to her)

" Reece was super excited...and she was so impressed that someone with special needs made this shirt for her! She loves it! Here is Reece with her brother also, he is 2 years (almost to the day) younger than her. I always tell Reece she is tiny, but mighty! thank you so much!!"

It was my honor to give Reece a Paper Clouds Apparel shirt and she looks great in it !!! Seeing that big smile makes this experience so rewarding. Thank you Reece for being yourself ! Keep it up


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