Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Meet Summer!

Summer Lily is a beautiful young lady with Down Syndrome who is turning 10 years old this week! 

She has an amazing sense of humor. She enjoys music, dancing, watching movies, and playing outside. Her best friends are her big sister, Jasmine, and her dog, Delilah. They love to be silly together, acting out Summer's favorite movie, High School Musical. 

They also collect and count dimes for their friend, Judy Adams. Together, the dimes they collect grant wishes for others with Down Syndrome. 

Summer's days will be off if she doesn't get enough time in the morning to snuggle and kiss her furry best friend, Delilah! 

Another of her favorite things to do is go swimming, and if she had her way, Summer would probably live at the water park! 

She is very stubborn and persistent. When she has her mind set on something being a certain way, she doesn't give up until it's done right... her way! She loves being goofy and making people laugh. She is happiest when everyone around her is happy, and this comes through in her silly attitude. She seems to have a knack for all things artistic, whether it be playing the drums or painting, things seem to come natural to her.

Summer is one of the artists for the current Paper Clouds Apparel line, supporting Gifts from the Heart for Downs!

Summer's art on PCA t-shirts!

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