Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Message from Kim!

Gifts From the Heart For Downs is so very excited and pleased to be working with Paper Cloud Apparel to bring the talent of our special individuals with Down syndrome to light. Gifts From the Heart For Downs was started by Kimberley Adams after adopting two children with Down syndrome who had very different needs.  Matthew had a lot of medical needs, he needed a walker for some time, had lots of sensory and feeding issue's and has difficulty to this day communicating.  Judy on the other hand is very verbal, had many medical issues but was very strong.  Kim often found it difficult to give her children everything they needed as a single mom and still does.  As time went on she realized that there were other issue's beside the medical and it was social issue's and wanted to do something to help the families and individuals to know just how special they are.

Gifts From the Heart For Downs.....likes to show individuals with Down syndrome that they to are special.....either by helping with a need or wish depending on each individuals families need.  Jeanie, Ashley and Steven longed to meet their idol, it was a dream come true for them....and as you can see from the pictures, it truly was a dream come true.....

Steven got to do "the wave" with John Travolta....

Jeanie got to peek through her fingers in disbelief as Alan Jackson walked out of his trailer and called out her name, with him coming to her aid to help her get out of her wheelchair...

And Ashley got to sit in Nicki Ninaj's seat on the American Idol set as she judged the rehearsal of the contestants....with Keith Urban and Randy Jackson.....these wishes will be something they remember for the rest of their lives.

Other wishes include revolve around needs of a child with Down syndrome.  

Nicholas is now able to run in his yard freely because of a fence that was provided by Gifts From the Heart For Downs, so that he will be safe and the family can enjoy their time outside together.

Daniel and many others have received iPad's to help with their communication skill's giving them a voice.  

To date, Gifts From the Heart For Downs has completed 70 wishes or needs with 11 pending completion and many on the list to be granted.....

Angel is one example of a wish that will be granted in the future, she has never been to Disney, so at 53 Angel's wish to meet Mickey Mouse will be granted......

Alex, so wants to meet Justin Bieber, you too can help to make this happen with your support of the purchase of a t-shirt.

Please watch the video of a couple of wishes that were granted as the families were surprised with me showing up with my children to grant their child's wishes.

With your support and purchase of a t-shirt you too can help grant a wish to a very special individual with Down syndrome.  All proceeds from this fund raiser will be going toward air fare, helping to grant wishes making dreams come true....but the really awesome thing is that not only will you be helping us, you will be helping Paper Clouds to employ individuals with Down syndrome and other developmental is a win/win for everyone!!!!

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