Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meet Judy!

Judy loves life... and strives to experience it to the fullest!

Judy love to draw, sing, interact with friends, is a cheerleader and help her mom with fund raising for their organization, Gifts From the Heart For Downs. Judy is 14 years old and attends New Paltz Central High School, where she is integrated with her typical peers for a few of her classes.  

Judy and her brother, Matthew, were adopted by their single mom, Kim, president and founder of Gifts From the Heart For Downs, and were the inspiration behind the organization, as Judy had a wish to meet the Jonas Brothers and Matthew had many needs that Kim couldn't always meet.  Judy has been helping her mom raise donations by doing a fund raiser that Judy came up with herself called Dimes for Downs. To date she has helped raised almost 130,000 dimes!

Judy is full of life and doesn't let anything stand in her way. She is so happy that her design can help to get more wishes granted for individuals like herself who have Down syndrome. She loves know that she is making a difference!

Judy's designs are available at papercloudsapparel.com on these two shirts:

Check them out now and help Judy continue to help others!

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  1. Thank you for telling us about judy, love such posts as it allow me to know new people. She seems really fun loving girl, thanks for sharing it with us