Monday, May 27, 2013

Gifts From The Heart For Downs

In January of 2010, Kimberley Adams founded Gifts From the Heart for Downs. Adams found inspiration and motivation from her two adopted children with Down Syndrome.

Kimberly and her two children 
At first, Adams partnered with Dave Girgenti. Together, the two formed Down Syndrome Heroes, which was related to the Wish Upon a Heroes. During this time, Adams granted 8 wishes across the United States.

Now, Adams’ own organization, Gifts From the Heart for Downs, is its own incorporated organization that is working hard to grant even more wishes.

Adams’ hard work has helped people like Rachel meet Miley Cyrus…

Jaden go to a NASCAR race…

And introduced Alex to Kenny Chesney.

Plus so many more!

Help support this wonderful organization continue granting wishes to amazing individuals. Help Dylan meet Janet Jackson, Walker go to Disney, and Ryan get his iPad.

For the next two weeks, Paper Clouds Apparel has teamed up with Adams and her organization to bring you a limited-time line. 50% of each purchase will go to Gifts From the Heart for Downs to continue making dreams come true!

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