Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meet Connor!

Yesterday, Paper Clouds Apparel had the honor of launching a new campaign with Windrush Farms. Connor is one of our new artists, and his mother Ashley wrote an amazing, heartfelt introduction so that you could get to know her amazing son:
Inquisitive, caring, sensitive, sweet, energetic, intelligent, handsome, silly, clever, ornery, friendly, helpful, & just plain awesome. That is how I would describe my amazing baby boy.

“We raise the bar and he just leaps on over it!” That is something I have found myself saying over and over again throughout the years as our little ConnorBug grows, and it still holds true today. Connor was non-verbal until he was five but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have plenty to say! He is going to be eleven very soon (his birthday is during our paper clouds campaign!) and he has already achieved things that we never could have imagined. This has truly been his year and it has been such a beautiful thing to witness, he has blossomed so much! He actually volunteered for a speaking part in the school music program, he was ranked in the 97th percentile of fourth graders in the nation in math, and we were told his skill level is that of an average seventh grader! He also just ended his school year with 3 awards, one for making the honor roll all year so this will be the second year now that he didn’t have to do an extended school year! I can’t even put in to words how proud we are of this little man. He has come such a long way and he has worked extremely hard to get where he is today. I also credit a big part of Connor’s success to the fantastic people that have helped us along the way, this is why organizations like Windrush Farm and Paper Clouds Apparel are so very important to families like mine.
When Bug isn’t at school he loves to do what every other kid loves to do, play! His favorite hobby is definitely spending time on his video games, iPad, or anything else that’s “techie”. He adores animals, particularly our deaf puggle, Ollie, and he loves to chase him around the house.
We are beyond honored to be a part of this project and we hope it’s a HUGE, GIGANTIC success! Take this opportunity to do something great for two fantastic causes all while rockin’ a sweet, comfy t-shirt with some amazing heart-felt art on it!
To see more posts like this, check out Ashley's personal blog at: http://rockinautismmom.com/
Also, don't forget to head over the the Paper Clouds website NOW to see Connor's designs come to life on t-shirts that benefit Windrush Farms!

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