Sunday, February 2, 2014

Colton is the coolest :)

Today Paper Clouds Apparel gets to reintroduce you to one of the coolest kids I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I had the honor of meeting Colton when I took a tour of St Dominic Savio Academy last year and was so excited when we had the privilege of using his artwork on our products. Then was even more excited when our fans asked for us to bring back his Jellyfish for our ThrowBack campaign. St Dominic Savio Academy needs funding to create a better playground for the amazing children with special needs that attend this fantastic school. So please do something special and pick up one of Colton's Jellyfish designs and give these children the playground they deserve.

(The amazing Jellyfish Colton created)

11-year-old Colton is super silly, has a great sense of humor, is very sweet and gentle, loves his electronics and his family. He was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old. He loves everything that has to do with Toy Story and The Incredibles. Colton enjoys drawing pictures of Buzz Lightyear on his ipad. He loves to jump on inflatables, surf the web and make home videos on the computer. 

(Colton headed to school in a shirt HE created)

  Colton and his family first came out to Arizona in 2010 in order to attend St Dominic Savio Academy (SDSA) for a summer session. Their intent was to return back to Texas for the regular school year, however, after seeing the progress Colton made in a short time, they decided that they needed to make it a full time commitment. After spending another year in Texas, they left all their family and friends behind and made a new home in Phoenix.

When Colton first started at SDSA, he could hardly sit at a desk and attend to a task. He also had very little language skills that consisted mostly of scripting from movies. Now he can sit at his desk and be trusted not to dart away. He's also learning to read and talking significantly more in general. 

 (Colton and his amazing mother Elizabeth)

 Colton would not be where he is today without the help of SDSA and here at PCA we are proud to help support both Colton and his school. There are only a week left in our campaign with SDSA, so check out Colton's shirt on our website now! If you like what you see, invest and know that you are truly making a difference in the life of Colton.

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