Saturday, August 15, 2015

Paper Clouds Apparel means more than just a cool shirt.

Hello readers! My name is Abigail, and I am an intern for Paper Clouds Apparel. This past week I had the privilege of working with Robert and Ben where we organized and packaged shirts from the last campaign (The Return of Logan and the Crumb Diaries) to be shipped out to buyers from all over nation. The numbers of orders were outstanding—there were piles and piles of paper clouds goodies laid out everywhere in the quaint downtown Phoenix office. There wasn’t an assembly line or an assigned group of people working on a specific packing task. Everything was done by the team, a group of six of us, by hand. We started with taking everything out of the boxes. Shirts were organized by designed and were kept in plastic baggies packaged by special needs individuals. Then we organized by size, brand of shirt, etc. After everything was organized, we began to package the orders, reading off orders name by name. Rebecca: skull scoop neck in red size small. We would package Rebecca’s shirt and then she would receive a card personally written to her, along with a photo of her designer, which was Logan this past campaign. And this would happen for everyone that ordered something from Paper Clouds, some orders even requesting dozens of items. Each of them had a personal letter, a personal package, and personalized care to get that to them. I think that the most amazing part for me being able to witness this process was to see how much care goes into each order from Paper Clouds from start to finish. It starts with the design, it’s printed, it’s packaged in plastic bags one by one by hand, and then it is organized by hand so that it comes to your door exactly how you ordered it with a few surprises inside the package. Never, during that whole process is anything automated and it’s cared for by human hands from start to finish. Moreover, the customer isn’t just a number, the customer has a name and are made to feel special and important by their purchase which coincides with the fact that by that purchase of a shirt, a trucker hat, or a tote bag, they in turn have made someone with special needs feel important and can make a difference in their lives. Starting out with the position, I had no idea how much time and effort went into every campaign, and despite the growth of Paper Clouds, the care has remained completely personal. It really makes wearing a Paper Clouds item more valuable knowing of how an item’s worth extends beyond its price. 


  1. I love your first blog entry! You have captured what Paper Clouds Apparel is about. I look forward to reading your posts! :)

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