Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Three Miracles :)

 Today I want to share with you the artist who created the amazing pieces we are currently featuring in our campaign to raise funding for Icing Smiles. There is an amazing organization called Mommies of Miracles and I have been following their Facebook page for some time and figured I would see if they would be interested in teaming up on a project. Mommies of Miracles is a growing international peer-driven support group of mothers who have children of any age (infant-adult) with complex medical issues, rare or undiagnosed conditions, and/or developmental disabilities. I contacted them and they were very excited to give their miracles a chance to shine and show the world their art. Mommies of Miracles came up with the idea to raise funds for Icing Smiles. Icing Smiles is a nonprofit organization that provides custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by the critical illness of a child. What a phenomenal cause to help ! So now I want to focus some attention and praise our amazing artists and let you get to know them.

 (Brynlee celebrating her 3rd birthday with an Icing Smiles cake)

 Asia is a joyful eight year old with Down Syndrome. Her development is behind compared to ‘normal’ kids her age including her ability to communicate, but it does not define who she is. She loves drawing, music, swimming, ice cream, and playing on the iPad! Asia is very affectionate, goofy, and has a sweet nature.

(Asia showing off her beautiful smile)

 This drawing portray’s her heart and is very special because it is the first complete picture she has ever drawn. She has moments where she shows her brilliance and beauty to others and this is one of them.

 (The amazing Sunflower Asia created)

 She exemplifies other kids with Down Syndrome  in that each is a pearl waiting to be discovered. All that is required is a little bit of love and a little bit of care to open up their shell. They are not just children with special needs but individuals who were made for the glory of God and once you meet them you will whole heartedly adore them.

(Asia outside having some fun)

Emma is a very happy 7 yr. old who loves life.  She was born at 27 weeks and weighed 2 lbs. 14 oz.  She developed a brain bleed at birth and this caused her to have Cerebral Palsy.  She spent 72 days in the NICU and it was during her stay in the NICU when we realized how tough she would be.  She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy one week before her first birthday. 

(Emma's smile is infectious)

            Emma began physical therapy during her first year of life and she started school at the age of 18 months.  The teachers and professionals along the way have helped Emma develop a positive attitude and have given her a life without limitations.  She loves going to school so she can see her friends and has always been very social.   During Kindergarten, Emma explained to her class why she was in a wheelchair and uses a walker.  One of the kids asked, “What is Cerebral Palsy?”   Emma answered, “When I was born, I got a boo-boo on my brain.”  Emma has not let CP get in the way of her dreams.  She has always wanted to dance and walk by herself.  

(The amazing Cupcake Emma drew)

      On June 6th, 2013 Emma had spinal surgery to help her reach her dream of walking.  Emma took this surgery on with a smile and has undergone extensive physical therapy.   She has made amazing progress and can now take up to 3 independent steps!  She currently goes to physical therapy 3 times a week and continues to persevere.  She has inspired many and we are very proud of what she has accomplished in such a short time. 
Emma recently had an assignment at school and was to give advice to a baby on their first day here on earth. This is what she wrote, "Some days you will pass the test. Some days you will get the answers wrong. Some days you will reach your dreams. Some days you will lose your grip. It's just how it is here. Enjoy your new life!"   She is a beautiful, caring, and bright young lady.

(Emma is an inspiration to all)

Emilee is 2 years old. She loves music and painting. She can wave her hand and sign "please". 

(The beautiful Emilee)

She is a generally happy girl. She was born at 34 weeks with Nonimmune fetal Hydrops and she had a stroke inutero. Since the Nicu she has been diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia and spastic cerebral palsy.

(The very cool Fish Emilee created)

 She's our miracle baby. :) 

(Emilee can brighten anyone's day with her smile)

I hope that you loved getting to know our amazing artists and will support this campaign. These little miracles have made my life better and I will remember them every single time I wear their shirt. Thank you all so much for believing we can change the world. We can make it a better place for everyone. I truly love every single one of you who support us. Whether it be by making a purchase, sharing our Facebook posts, blogs, or Instagram pictures, you all are helping us spread our mission and I know we have some great things ahead of us.


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