Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Madelyn is my hero :)

A couple months ago I decided to start a contest where every two weeks we would have a contest where those who shared pictures of them wearing their Paper Clouds Apparel were voted upon by the Board of Advisors at Paper Clouds Apparel and the winner of this contest would receive a free shirt. Over a month ago the winner was a young girl named Madelyn who has collected quite the collection of Paper Clouds Apparel shirts and sent us pictures of her in her newest shirt and also a picture of all her PCA shirts. When I posted on our Facebook page that Madelyn had won a shirt her mother emailed me and her response floored me.

 (Madelyn in her newest PCA shirt)

Madelyn's mother Denise sent me back this message when I told her that Madelyn had won a FREE PCA shirt;

"I think the pic you posted of my daughter said we won a shirt?? Thanks, but we already have 5 in our household and one was won from a previous share. This month is all about the good deeds my girl does-**bragging moment- **this Sunday, she climbed 80 flights if stairs for the AON step up for kids, benefitting Lurie children's hospital here in Chicago (beat me by 13 minutes) and today donated all of her b-day gifts to another local hospital, Alexian Brothers pediatric center. This is her 2nd year donating her gifts. In keeping with that theme, she would like for you to donate the shirt to someone. Thanks, love you guys and all you do to make the world a better place! If you do donate it, please let me know how so I can share the story with Madelyn."

(Madelyn's impressive PCA shirt collection)

It took me over a month to find the right person to donate her prize to but when I saw the awesome story of MacKenzie accepting the prom invite of our good friend Logan from The Crumb Diaries, I knew where that shirt had to go :) Especially since all of Madelyn's shirts featured artwork created by Logan. For those of you out there unaware of the awesomeness that is Logan, you NEED to immediately go check out The Crumb Diaries on Facebook and you will instantly fall in love with this family and the incredible relationship between Logan and his mom Allyson, or "Honey Nugget" or "Al" as Logan often calls her :) I will share the story of why MacKenzie deserves this shirt from the post featured on The Crumb Diaries 

(Logan and MacKenzie)

Here is a post created by Logan's mom Allyson that will tell you all you need to know about why MacKenzie is awesome :)
"As you know, having Apraxia makes speaking difficult for Logan, so last night he colored a sign, picked out some flowers and put on a suit and tie to ask MacKenzie to prom. Here is his invitation..and here is her reply MacKenzie is not challenged, or differently abled... but she is special. She is a young lady who Logan admired last year, watching her as she led our high schools cheer squad. She is a girl who has always greeted him with a kind smile or hello when passing. She is a person who is taking time out of her busy college schedule to accompany Logan to a milestone event.
For kids like Logan, sitting next to a "pretty durl" and being treated with kindness and respect means the world. We are changing the face of our special needs youth, one friendship at a time."

(Madelyn in her first Logan created PCA shirt)

When I told Madelyn's mom Denise that I had chosen the recipient of her free shirt and that is was MacKenize she had this to say;
" OMG! I love it! love it! love it! Madelyn and I LOVE Logan and Al (all our shirts are from their campaigns) and LOVE Mackenzie for her prom response. She is adorable! This is perfect!!!"
I feel so blessed to have such amazing people that have joined the Paper Clouds Apparel family. I truly consider every single one of you who believe in our mission of making this world a better place for those with special needs as members of my family. We can do it :) 

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  1. Thank you for sharing all the good deeds the Paper Clouds Apparel givers do.

    Checking out the CRUMB DIARIES soonest.