Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thank you Brooke !

I want to highlight another one of the amazing individuals we chose to give a FREE Paper Clouds Apparel shirt to. I am so happy to have been able to give young Brooke a shirt in reward for her just being an awesome person. Here is what her mom Terry wrote when we were accepting the stories for who deserves a free shirt;

I don't deserve a shirt. But my oldest daughter, Brooke, does. She is 8 yrs old and is the best big sister ever. My youngest daughter Lynlea has Down Syndrome and Brooke has been nothing but a blessing!! She helps out with Lynlea and it has opened her eyes to what disabilities are and how they all differ! When Brooke grows up she wants to work with children with Down Syndrome! Truly blessed! Thanks.

How could we say no to a great little girl like Brooke !!! So we sent her a shirt and here is what her mom emailed us;

Brooke rocking the t-shirt she won!!!! Thanks again! Can't wait till Lynlea can draw some art!!
 (Brooke looking great in her PCA shirt)

Brooke, it is amazing young people like you that are going to change the worlds attitudes towards the way they view and treat those with special needs. You are an inspiration to all and keep on being awesome. We are honored to have you wearing one of our shirts- Robert

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