Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Owen the Superstar !

Meet another one of our amazing artists with special needs Owen. Owen created the design we are calling Spud. We all think it is so fun just to look at and use your imagination on. We love it Owen :) 

(Our model Dylan wearing the art Owen created)

Owen is 6 years old and started talking almost a year ago. He LOVES pickles, playing outside (especially on his trampoline where he taught himself to do flips in the beginning of the summer), shopping  and going to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

 (Owen looking cool chillin' in the kiddie pool)

 Another one of Owen's favorite things to do is going to lunch with his Auntie Shanny and his cousin Logan.

 (Owen loves the Packers)

The first time I had contact with Wendy, Owen's mother, she had this to say about him and it completely melted my heart;

 Our son has autism and became verbal about 9 months ago ( he is 6) and we couldn't be more proud of him, he honestly is the most loving, wonderful boy!

 (Owen has a smile that brightens the world)

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