Friday, July 12, 2013

New Goodies !

Today we want to feature not just an artist, but a new addition to the Paper Clouds Apparel line:
Tote bags. 

We are very excited for this addition because we like giving you more options and our artists more ways to get their artwork out there. 

The tote bag pictured above is currently rockin' a horse designed by Chuckie.

14 year old Chuckie loves video games, basketball, cartoons, listening to Eminem and drawing. Yet despite his love for drawing, Chuckie is very secretive about it. Chuckie’s mother had to sneak into his room when he was not home in order to get his art to Paper Clouds Apparel. After Chuckie was selected, his mother wrote to Paper Clouds Apparel saying, “I want to thank you for supporting my son's art. These shirts will be one of my (family’s) great treasures and I truly can’t wait to wear one with pride. Thank you for this opportunity.”

It’s not just special needs individuals that are benefited from their art being valued and displayed on t-shirts, it’s also the families that stand by them day, in day out. It’s a ripple effect and we find that to be something to get excited about.

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