Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lexie’s Law encourages corporations to donate to nonprofit organizations that provide scholarships to private schools for children with special needs and foster care students. Corporations can receive tax credit for their donations to these School Tuition Organizations (STOs), so long as the total credits claimed throughout the state do not exceed $5 million a year.

Lexie’s Law was enacted and launched in 2009 after an effort led by the Institute of Justice and Andrea Weck-Robertson. Weck-Robertson became involved with the passing of such a law after she saw the progress her daughter, Lexie, made after being removed from the public school system and put into a private school that catered to her individual special needs. Weck-Robertson teamed up with the Institute of Justice and became a spokesperson for the law.

Andrea Weck-Robertson

A student is qualified for a scholarship if they are identified as having a disability according to the Rehabilitation Act, has been identified by a school district as a child with a disability, is eligible to receive school district services, or has been placed in foster care in Arizona at any time before graduating high school or obtaining a GED. Qualified students must also meet one of the following requirements: previous enrollment in an Arizona public school or preschool program for students with disabilities for 90 days of the previous school year, or an entire semester of the current; current enrollment or intent to enroll in a qualified private kindergarten or preschool program for students with disabilities; or be a depended of a US Armed Forces member currently stationed in Arizona.

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